Welcome To The RxProtect Program

RxProtect and Lockhart Cadillac have partnered to offer a new Rx program to employees, spouse, and dependents covered under the Lockhart Cadillac insurance plan. 

Members being prescribed certain high-cost medications may qualify to receive eligible medications at a lower cost, subject to deductible and the medication will be delivered to the members’ doorstep.

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RxProtect Program Benefits


No Copay

PPO Plan Deductible Waived


No Cost Share

Qualified high deductible plan subject to deductible. Savings through lower cost medications or often free once deductible is met.



Your medication/s will be delivered to the shipping address of your choice.


Incentive Provided

See Lockhart HR for incentive details.


We Are Committed to helping Employees and their families save money on high cost medications.


A few of the eligible medications are listed below. Call 1.833.279.7877 to see if your medication is eligible. The RxProtect program only assists with brand name medications that offer no generic option.

List of Eligible Medications


Important Program Details To Know


Supply on hand

A new enrollee can expect to receive the first shipment of medication within 4 weeks of enrolling. You will need to have 4 weeks of medication on hand to last until the first shipment arrives. If you do not have 4 weeks worth of medication remaining kindly
1) Ask your clinician for free samples to hold you over or
2) Fill 30 days of your script at your usual retail pharmacy.



Refills will be delivered with no delay in shipping. The delay in shipping is for new enrollees only. We recommend asking your clinician to circle a 'refill' amount on your script. This will prevent the need for obtaining a new script early in the program. Your script is valid for the program for as long as there are refills remaining. We will need a new script once all refills have been exhausted from the first script submitted.


ready to Save Money?

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our Enrollees trust us

Employee A

Louisville, KY

“I was beyond thrilled to see one of my medications on this list that costs almost $300 out of pocket each month! Thank you, thank you, thank you!.”

Employee B

Hobart, IN

“I am very thankful for this program. If it wasn’t for this program I would not be able to afford my diabetic medications and haven’t been able to in the past. Just want to say thank you because you probably helped save my life. MUCH APPRECIATION!!!!!!!!!!!.”

Employee C

Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for allowing us to use this service! It has been a God send for me due to the cost of my meds.
You are the best!.”

Contact Your Dedicated Nurse

Phone: 1-833-279-7877