A smarter, simpler, more-cost effective solution to Rx challenges.

RxProtect provides a seamless solution to member engagement and enrollment, order management, logistical and clinical support, provider interaction and financial analytics.

We are a passionate and experienced team of professionals.

Our dedicated team of nurses work one on one with members to create a trusting and successful relationship driving the highest level of care management and cost savings among your highest-risk population.

Our Services

RxProtect provides a unique combination of solutions to provide the ultimate safety net for your plan.

Prescription Navigation

RxProtect targets certain high-cost brand name medications to deliver the highest level of cost savings achievable.

Seamless Employer Experience

The addition of our program does not mean more work for you. RxProtect takes on the bulk of the work and acts as a complimentary service to your plan.

Industry Leading Relationships

RxProtect works with top leaders in the industry to provide a fully compliant, safe, and abundantly sufficient program.

Nurse Driven

Success in healthcare is based on relationships. Our team of nurses have a huge heart for people and work one on one with your members.

Pharmacist Supported

Members and providers have full access to a pharmacist to ensure the highest level of care continuum and medication management.

Risk Elimination

Our RxP 5G technology provides a risk eliminating and cutting edge solution to the shipment of cold chain medications.

Our cost difference

The RxProtect program saves a significant amount of money for employers and members each year. 

School System Trust

$2.1 million savings


$4.6 million savings


$686,000 savings

Specialty Rx

47% savings against plan

Diabetes Rx

41% savings against plan

Other Brand Name Rx

33% savings against plan

Our member testimonials!

The RxProtect solution makes a real difference in the lives of enrollees. We remove cost as a barrier to receiving high-cost medications. 


School System

“I am very thankful for this program. If it wasn't for this program, I would not be able to afford my diabetic medications and haven't been able to in the past. Just want to say thank you because you probably helped save my life. MUCH APPRECIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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