Save Money on High Cost Medications
It's time to think different

Protect your Profits

Retain Wasted Revenue

30-50% Savings on Specialty Rx Spend

$5M in Projected Savings per 10K Employees

Protect your People

Employee Receives Medication for FREE

Medications Delivered to the Home

Simple, Effective, User-Friendly

Your Company Dollars

10% of an employee population costs the average employer 75% of total Rx spend each year

We focus on the 10%


of Employers do not know their overall drug spend on Specialty Drugs

Specialty Drugs will be the major driver of pharmacy costs over the next 3-5 years

Your People

Eliminate co-pays for employees and other covered members.

Your Company Dollars

Save over 30% in total Rx spend in the next 12 months.


We utilize a proprietary medication database to deliver highly accurate projected savings on your top 25 most costly medications.


All employees enrolled into the RxProtect program are able to receive their medications at no-copay.


Medication/s are conveniently delivered to the employee or family member’s doorstep. 


Your company sees significant cost savings, happy employees, and many more ancillary benefits.



Top 10 Medications

Total Spend 

Projected Net Savings 




27% Savings

Targeted Medications


Humira  41%     

Stelara  33%     


    Cosentyx  16%

    Ozempic 34%